The shelter is constructed as a fully insulated sandwich construction with stainless steel (316) inner and outer sheeting, making it suitable for corrosive and cold ambient conditions. The shelter is provided with a heating & ventilation system and can optionally be fitted with a full HVAC system. The complete shelter is designed, fabricated, and tested in-house as an integrated system. With this approach, site installation work is reduced to a minimum.

The design of the analyzer shelter must consider many factors. Local ambient conditions, hazardous area classification, sample type, analyzer type together with client specifications, will all influence the final design and content of the shelter.

Top Quality Analyzer Shelters to Safeguard from Adverse Conditions

Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd manufactures the analyzer shelter using the highest quality materials. We have included all the features that would provide controlled environment protection for adverse conditions. Our analyzer house is easy to use and main. It undergoes several tests to ensure supreme quality.

  • Suitable for Area classification for IEC ZONE 1, GR. IIC or IEC ZONE 1, IIA, IIB or Safe area
  • Complete interlocking ribbed structure giving better technology with extra strength. Sixfold design ensures structural strength increased by multiple folds
  • Built with complete SS 304, SS 316 (GI optional)
  • Gas detectors are placed suitably to meet area classification
  • Redundant HVAC to meet temperature and pressure requirement
  • Sample conditioning systems, properly designed in order to provide the sample to analyzers at suitable flow temperature, pressure, and filtration values with suitable disposal and/ or return to process system
  • Shelter parameter monitoring and control (PLC based safety control system.).
  • Sample take-off probes for installation on process lines. (Sample Extraction)
  • Sample pre-conditioning units (temperature and pressure control)
  • Monitoring adverse ambient and process conditions
  • Alarming and reporting to the relevant authorities
  • Safety in all respect
  • Sample Transport

Construction:– stainless steel or GI optional with Top lift, Single integrated unit, Fire resistant as per BS Standards Environment control:– Fresh air ventilation with heating and air conditioning. Redundant ventilation and/or air conditioning. Safety:– Gas detection systems, safety interlock systems. Independent control systems, Electronic or hard-wired control.